515 E Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc, WI

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About the Food

We specialize in wood-fired cooking. Charred textures and smoky flavors are our jam. From the open-fire hearth, you can enjoy: Steaks, chicken, fish, burgers, and vegetables. There are items that are even smoked above the hearth, capturing all the goodness that the fire has to offer. From the wood-fired oven, try our airy, sourdough flatbread, roasted side dishes, and starters. We cook from scratch! From ice cream to pasta, and everything in between, we make it here. We use fresh ingredients and support local companies and farmers. Menu items change seasonally and dishes range from casual to fine dining levels, while the atmosphere remains casual. 

About the Drinks

Our twelve beer taps showcase Wisconsin craft breweries! There is something for everyone from canned and bottled beer offerings to our hand-picked wine selections. The crafted drinks are exquisitely crafted. For example, our house-made sour mix is squeezed from brûléed citrus fruits. Our Twisted Old Fashioned is a must-try! Seasonal cocktails highlight what each season has to offer.   

About the Restaurant

Our setting is casual, industrial, yet inviting. Our open kitchen allows you to watch us cook your meal (Sit at the dining counter for the best seats!). We pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide range of dishes and drinks so that whatever your occasion, we are here for you! While dining with us, you might see a couple celebrating an anniversary, a family enjoying dinner together, or professionals having a dinner meeting. Dine out on our patio when the weather is good! All are welcome, we embrace your weird and “Twisted” side. Welcome to our community!


“Lift your nose to the sky outside Twisted Fire restaurant in Oconomowoc, all the better to pick up the scent of wood smoke. Inside, in a kitchen that’s open to the dining room, is a large, open hearth. The absolute best view of it is from the 10-seat counter right at the kitchen, where you can easily strike up a conversation with the chef”

“Cooking with live fire does make a restaurant stand out. Still, it’s merely a kitchen tool, if a more challenging one; a restaurant still needs creative, thoughtful, and proficient cooks, and that’s what Twisted Fire has.”

Carol Deptolla | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | February 12, 2019


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