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Our Story

Why Twisted Fire?

In a day and age where cuisine is all over the place, we’ve taken a step back to our roots – fire. We are all about the fire when it comes to preparing meals for our guests. And not just any kind of fire – live fire touches nearly all of our dishes, whether its cooked over open wood, or in our custom made stone fire oven.

We’re getting back to what made food so darn delicious in the first place, and we’re taking you with us. Back to when food made us feel happy, warm, and fulfilled, when ingredients could shine on their own. When flavors were pure and delicious, and ingredients were authentically good, and food didn’t need need a cocktail of ingredients to hide mediocrity.

We’re getting back to when the maillard reaction was cool, and could bring flavors to their potential – from meats and proteins to vegetables and garnishes. Every dish we create is touched by fire in some way, and simply put, it all tastes better because of this.

But we don’t stop there. We’ve created an array of craft cocktails inspired by the power and excitement of fire, expertly mixed to complement your meal.

So we ask you – why NOT Twisted Fire?

What Else Are We Passionate About?

We’ve made it obvious that we’re obsessed with fire, but that’s first in a long list of things we love. We’re crazy about Wisconsin, and all of our friends putting out incredible wines, beers, and spirits that we’re all so proud of. We support local favorites such as Raised Grain and Pink Teepee. We source many of our other ingredients from local farmers and vendors, supporting our local network as well as being confident that we’ve got the best foods to cook and bring to our guests.

While our crew is well traveled, we love Wisconsin and the mix of cultures that are combined here. You’ll experience a range of deliciousness, all brought in from corners of the globe, but incorporated into our true Wisconsin roots. We’re so proud to call this home, and we’re so excited to have you join us.

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